Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gratitude Is the Fairest Blossom That Springs From the Soul

This card is actually part of my paper challenge that I started a little over a week ago, although it's only the second card to be made using my random paper pack. The paper I used is very basic, titled "Turquoise - Texture" and is the background of this card. 

Here are the rest of the materials that were used:
- Brown cardstock
- Transparent gold cardstock
- Elmer's glue pen
- 3/8 in. adhesive dots
- Glitter flower embellishments
- 1 inch circle punch
- Transparent shipping label
- Decorative scissors

I created the circle card with the turquoise paper (the inside is brown cardstock) and used the 1 inch circle punch to create the border of gold and brown circles. I actually purchased the flower embellishments from Hobby Lobby last week for only $1.07 (32 came in the package, gotta love clearance!) and the colors of the flowers is where the inspiration for this card came from. I used the Elmer's glue pen to apply the flowers around the border. As for the quote in the middle, I typed it on the computer in brown font and printed it on a transparent shipping label, which I then applied to the transparent paper and cut the border using decorative scissors, and then applied it to the card. 

Here are some other views and close-ups of the card:

The card is rather unique, this is the first circle card I have ever made and I just went along with my ideas as they came. I must admit I've been feeling sort of ashamed of my card making lately, after all the blog viewing I do I feel like my cards are nowhere near as beautiful as all of yours are, mostly due to the fact that I don't own a Cricut and everything I create is strictly by hand. I've been considering saving up to purchase a Cuttlebug but I'm still undecided because I know that once I buy it I'm just going to want more and more cartridges, which aren't very cheap. Any advice?



  1. Very pretty and you should be proud of your card!! It is true that once you buy a Cricut you are going to want some extra cartridges...not sure if you want to make that investment or not (although ebay is a little cheaper for them). I think you do a great job cutting by hand....TFS:)Amy

  2. This card is so gorgeous! I love the paper and color and those flowers are beautiful! Have a great day:)

  3. Ashley, I agree with Amy that your cards look really great when you do them by hand! I also resisted buying a Cricut because of the cartridges, but now that I have it, I love it! The cartridges can be found pretty cheap on I have something for you on my blog! :)

  4. Such a pretty card and a great quote. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading your blog.

  5. Ashley- you know what is so great about all the paper/card lovers??? They are all so encouraging! I have felt the same way- that my stuff just isn't on the same level but everywhere I go everyone has something positive to say. I think your cards are great and I know they'll only get better as you find your groove- with or with out the Cricut. Keep it up! You've amazed me with how quickly you've grown your blog and found time for so much creative fun.

  6. oh how lovely and glittery


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