Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always In Our Hearts - 9/11/01

Today I thought I would share with you a card I made in remembrance of September 11th. I was hoping to have this posted earlier today, but now that we are open Sundays at work I didn't have enough time to post this morning before I left. Better late than never though, right? :)

I never realized how challenging it was to make a card for a sad occasion. Usually the cards I make are fairly cheerful looking (or at least I like to think so) so creating this card was a bit of a challenge. I tried to make it as positive as possible, without losing its honorability. 

I was really pleased with how this card turned out, especially the stars. I absolutely love using glitter on anything I possibly can, I'm definitely a 'glitter girl'! To make the stars, I used wood star shapes and painted them red, white and blue and then drizzled glue onto them once they dried, and then sprinkled on the glitter. 

As for the bottom of the card, I cut different sized strips of red, white and blue cardstock in different widths and lengths. I used adhesive dots to apply them to the card and then used star confetti (on clearance for 79 cents at Hobby Lobby!) and glued those to the strips so that the card wasn't so plain.

I wish I would have known in advance to make the card a little bit larger, that way I could've centered the picture of the Twin Tower light beams that I found on the internet. I printed it on a clear shipping label in black and white and then highlighted the beams in blue, which is their actual color. I stamped the 'always in our hearts' using clear stamps in red and blue ink, and added a couple more silver confetti stars.

Have any of you created anything in honor of September 11th. I'd love to see! :)

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  1. I really like this card- great sparkle stars and stripes! TFS :)Amy

  2. Hi Ashley! Really pretty card, I think you did an awesome job. I made one and posted to my blog too. What a great way to work through grief, great therapy!!

  3. Hi Ashley. thank you for the recent comment. I have glanced at some of your cards and they're super cute and I like your posts. I will definitely venture back here (very backed up on work).
    I tried to join your followers but at least at this time, i can't find the FOLLOW button.
    I will check back though...
    thank you for your sweet comments. I like the stuff I'm seeing here on your blog! Always looking for fun blogs to look at!!! :)

  4. Your card is gorgeous! I think you accomplished just what you wanted to, it is very pretty, but still gives tribute to what it is trying to accomplish. Glitter is fun too!!


  5. Hi Ashley, great card. Love the glitter stars as well. I just posted a blog award for you on my blog. Come visit me to claim it!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog Ashley! Glad to have anything crafty friend to read up on. this card is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it.

  7. This card is so cute. I just love it. That is awesome inspiration. Thanks so much for visting me today. I can't believe is blog is up and running. SMILES.


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