Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do You Speak Cricut Saturday - Paisley

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Do You Speak Cricut Saturday. Every Saturday will feature a different Cricut cartridge review from one of the Made Especially For You design team members. This feature was added to the blog in order to give potential cartridge buyers a better idea of what each cart has to offer. Click here to view last week's Block Party cartridge review.

Hi Everybody, Susie here with a review of the Cricut cartridge Paisley. This cartridge will be a real asset to your Cricut cartridge collection.  I've used this cartridge several times, it's a true go-to cartridge for me. 

Just look at all it's goodness!

I created this card this past Valentine's Day for my sweetie and placed the turtle's shell on an action wobble.  Fun!!

The feature keys on this cartridge has many other images aside from the ones you see as the main image in the handbook. 

If you can find this cart, you should definitely consider purchasing it.  The feature keys on this cartridge offer the standard layer keys along with a button key which gives you images to go with the main image, but could also be used on other projects and cuts. There's a card/tab feature key that creates a card with a window for the button key's image, a word/wordblackout key and the standard shadow key that comes with most handbooks.  I didn't need to create new cards to show you what a great cartridge Paisley is...I simply referred to my own blog gallery to pull a few cards I'd already created using the Paisley cartridge in the past.

If you've looked at this cartridge and thought maybe it's not for you, give it a closer look and imagine all the beautiful projects/cards you can create when you Paisley to your collection.
Create a great day!


  1. I love this cartridge ~ must get one! lol Super cute little critter and the sentiment is perfect! Love the umbrella on the polka dot paper! Great job!!

  2. Those cards are super Adorable. Love em'



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