Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Craft 'n Chat - Altered Coaster Banner

Welcome to this week’s edition of Thursday Craft 'n Chat. Every Thursday will feature a different crafty tip/technique from one of the Made Especially For You design team members. Click here to view last weeks tutorial about using Martha Stewart punches.

Howdy all! Kristy here from Scraptastical Kreations bringing you another Craft and Chat Thursday! Today, we're going to be making a altered coaster banner. Super simple, super easy, and super cute! And, by the way, this is my very first (ever) photo tutorial, so I hope you all enjoy it. 

Let's start off by gathering the supplies we'll need. 
You will need the following: 
Paper Trimmer
Patterned paper 
Cricut Cart or SVG for letters
Punches for scallops or SVG/Cricut Cart

First, you'll want to flip your patterned paper to the wrong side and trace each coaster on the back side. I numbered by coasters. I then wrote that number on each pattern that I traced onto the sheet. I did this so that each one matched up just right. I didn't want to take the chance that one coaster may vary in size slightly from the other. You will want to follow these same steps and cut three more (or how ever many you're using for your banner) and cut them out of solid cardstock. 

Next, you'll grab your paper trimmer and cut them apart 

Once you get them all cut apart this is what you should have 

Next, you'll cut around the traced edge of the coaster

After you cut out each template, you should have three (or however many you need for your specific banner). You will then flip them over patterned side up and set them to the side.

Now, grab your coasters and your adhesive. You want to apply your adhesive to all four edges of the coaster, as well as add a small piece in the middle to make sure it sticks. I used Scor-Tape in this project, but you could also use your ATG gun, or the red line tape. You want something strong that is going to be permanent. Adhere your patterned paper to the coaster. I prefer to adhere mine to the back of the coaster because it's a smoother edge. The front is a bit more rounded, and by applying it to the back side you'll get full coverage on a flat surface.

After you have the pattern paper adhered to the coaster, go ahead and flip the coaster over. Mine is the front side since I put my patterned paper on the back side. Cut your ribbon to make the hanger at the top. Apply some adhesive to all four sides, apply your ribbon, and then add two more strips of tape over the ends of the ribbon. Set this one to the side and repeat the same steps on the remaining coasters. 

Now that you have this completed, you will want to take your solid cardstock that you cut out earlier and adhere it to the back to give it a nice clean finish. On my finished product you will see that I used a scalloped square, which I adhered to the back in place of the solid cardstock. That was a last minute change. For the scalloped square, scalloped square, and the letters I used my Cameo to cut them all out. The scalloped square and circle are svg files from Scraptastical Kreations

After you get the back pieces applied, flip the coasters back over to the front and add your scalloped circle, letters, and any other embellishments you would like to add. 

When that is all complete, this will be the finished project you'll have; a super cute and super simple banner. I added some bling to my letters, as well as pop dotted them to make them jump off a little, and I also added some buttons tied with some orange and black twine. 

You can make this for any holiday you'd like, baby shower, birthday - the possibilities are endless!  

I hope I have inspired you all to create your own coaster banner, and I also hope that you all have enjoyed my very first ever photo tutorial. 



  1. Love the banner looks super cute! Also a really easy decoration...I already know a spot to put it on my wall hehe.


  2. Very cool and such a cute banner. I would have NEVER thought about using coasters in this way. Nice tutorial!



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