Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Look Inside My Stash - Part 2

This post is a continuation of a look inside my crafting collection, you can view the first post here

I forgot to include a few pictures in my first post (oops). I mentioned that I have yet to buy storage (especially for my paper) so I store my scraps in regular, everyday pocket folders that were leftover from last school year. I color coordinated each folder so that it would be easier to look for scraps based on the colors I needed. I originally had everything in one folder, but when that got too crowded I created three separate folders.

The black folder contains all my neutral-colored scraps. I use the entire left side for white scrap paper since I feel like I use it more than anything else, and this way it's easily accessible.

The pink folder is for all my warm-colored scraps and any patterned papers that has mainly of warm colors.

The blue folder is for all of my cool-colored scraps and any patterned papers that has mainly cool colors.

I have a paper drawer, an extras drawer, an embellishment drawer and a tool drawer. The extras drawer isn't worth showing since it's just odd craft items and I've already showed the contents of the paper drawer, so here are the embellishment and tool drawers.

This is my embellishment drawer where I keep all of my chipboard pieces, acrylic paints, iRocks, die cuts, flowers, etc. 

These are my chipboards. The pile on the right is a huge stack of thirty sheets of chipboard pieces that I got for $5 on clearance at Michael's. I have no idea what I'll use them for but for the price, they were worth it! The pile on the left is a stack of alphabet chipboards, there's an uppercase sheet and a lowercase sheet for each color.

And this is my very, very tiny stamp collection. I have a few mini dies and mini alphabet sets, and then a set of a bigger alphabet and also a Color Petals set, which comes in handy for using my clear acrylic stamps (not shown in the picture) and also the mini alphabet stamps.

Thanks for bearing with me, make sure to stop by tomorrow if you're interested in entering my blog candy giveaway! :)



  1. Great stash and your part 1 stash too!! TFS

  2. Mine and your stamp collection is about the same :) not very big lol. I also save my scraps of paper and I also do it by color. I printed out a color wheel on line and cut it into three sections and then use one of the plastic set of draws to put it in I will have to take pics and post on my blog in the next week after my finals are done :)

  3. wow you look organized :)
    My stash is crambed in a cupboard and a few shelves :)


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